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U know when your eyes sting from crying loads

I have being growing my hair out for 8 months and I’m finally getting a hair cut today. IT’S TIME.


laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead

“I refuse to chase anyone anymore.”

— Six Word Story - latelycravingmore (via perfect)

ezra miller by david balicki; hôtel lancaster, paris, january 2012



If you have many desires your life will be interesting.

© Jenny Holzer



My thoughts at the mo

I always end up reading articles on religion online somehow. I like to think I am a very open minded person and I am always trying to be more open minded and so read articles on all sorts of religions. I ended up reading one on a girl who vowed to remain a ‘virgin’ at the age of 10 until she was married. There are plenty of opinions on that and I think the overriding one is that we just simply can’t comprehend virginity and what sex is at that age. And I’m thinking now of what I thought virginity meant to me at the age and it meant the first time someone (a man) penetrates me. My views now have completely changed and tumblr has actually helped me greatly in figuring out what I believe in. For me ‘virginity’ is a concept created to control female sexuality and obviously cannot be applied to all people because there is no single way of having sex! Now that opens up many more doors in my head as to how children are taught what sex ‘is’ and the ‘procedure’ (lol). I think this is a reason as to why many people are so close minded and intolerant of people. Sexuality to me, is a huge part of everyone whether you know it or not. I think people need to learn that sex is a sexual experience and is completely open ended. However, this is my opinion but I strongly think that if children are taught this they will grow up to be more accepting and tolerant beings. In addition though, the concept of religion will always come in hand and question these possibly ‘immoral’ belief’s. This to me just makes everything SO complicated and will mean people will either live in peaceful denial or happy and violated. You just can’t have it all eh. But if we teach the future generations right, maybe we’ll achieve a healthy society. If anyone has bothered to read this thanks and feel free to message me with feedback on what you think about my little rant.

“I love
to lose myself for a while.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Der Einsame (via whyallcaps)


*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*